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Custom Content Management

Content management systems use simple on-screen forms accessed as a password-protected web site from anywhere in the world to type in text, cut-and-paste documents or select and upload images and files to other, target, web sites.

The uploaded items are automatically fed into a database from where they are used to generate web pages in the target site dynamically. The database will store the elements under different categories - for example, NEWS, THE LAW, AGREEMENTS, TECHNOLOGY, PRODUCTS, LINKS or ADVICE, down to whatever level of detail you require - and the resulting web site allows ordinary users to retrieve documents by selecting from just these categories.

Keywords Associates will build a content management sytem for your web site to your specifications for as much or as little as you can afford. We have a range of ultra-cheap systems, typified by the NUJ New Media site below.

Site development and maintenance with a CMS become routine tasks for anyone with an hour or two's training. Instead of having to learn about esoteric technologies like HTML, Javascript and Cascading Style Sheets, you can concentrate on critical but often overlooked matters like what you should put on your site, who should put it there, what prominence you should give it, who should be able access it, and how long it should be available for.

Keywords content management makes your web site a powerful information and communications resource entirely under your control.

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